Where does time go?

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Date: 23 August 2004 17:58:48

Wow, 5 days since I Wibbled! Has been exhausting.
You remember I got my new part time job - will be starting that next month, so I thought. One phone call changed that as I went in to 'cover' for a colleague off ill. My 1st day therefore was Saturday - and who should be training me up - but my daughter, who is the Saturday Girl serving in that shop!
Good day, but EXHAUSTING. Slept well that night, and after church the next day.

Today, TORRENTIAL RAIN. Some pretty serious flooding in this area, driving the bus when you could not see the road was a bit scary, and unloading wheelchair bound passengers back into their home was shall we say, interesting. Still, all are safely home, as I am snuggled up with my Puter.

Still lost the wife to Olympics, and she is doing her best to indoctrinate the children that way. They however have a better use for the downstairs TV. GameBoy has moved down over the holidays, and all of a sudden we have discovered the dance mat, which prduces no sound upstairs, is in full working order downstairs!!!
So far, I have resisted the temptation to hop from foot to foot upon said mat, thus ehausticating myself beyond belief. (Maybe, when no one is looking eh!)

Sky now innnocently blue, last of the days sunshine coming through our kitchen window - did that weather really happen. Heard from my friend in Florida today who suffered Hurrican Dammage. Brought the news of such disasters happening worldwide so much closer to my heart than before. May God grant people strength, ability and wisdom to overcome these events in their lives.

PS, just adding this to my BLOG, my dear wife has just nearly fallen off the settee shouting Kelly on in some running race - seems Britain has just claimed anoth Gold Medal.