Shifty Gnomes don't bounce.

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Date: 24 August 2004 21:47:46

I am very pleased that Miffy will be able to enjoy a good bounce on her church weekend, but the idea of a ShiftyGnome bouncing recklessly on such a castle would no doubt clear the entire area.
I hope you have a great weekend Miffy, for myself, I will find a quiet corner in which to curl up and snooze.

On second thoughts, fat chance of that, I believe I am acting as Dad's Taxi and errecting a 14 man tent for some mad event middle daughter is attending - I really should not be so possesive of the tent, I should trust them to errect it themselves, and drop it too - but would I ever get all the pieces back - and one piece missing renders it somewhat....

Not so wet in the bus today, sun shone occasionally, we even saw a rainbow. I like rainbows.

Right, I can hear my bed calling.