Would you like Praise with that sir?

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Date: 30 August 2007 21:24:23

The church has been emerging since the early days of Antioch - changing one tiny step at a time, but in soooooooo many different directions. And we can get defensive about our chosen place of worship - when describing it to others we polish what we percive to be the glories, and quietly sweep the tarnishes under the carpet.

At the DriveIn Church...

Attendant (A):
Driver (D):
A: Good Morning sir, would you like 'High Church' or 'Low Church'
D: High please
A:We have space on Level 10, High enough Sir?
D: Hmm, maybe not THAT high, you got anything on Level 7
A: Certainly Sir, buit we call that more, Middle of the Road - you know, like Meat and Veg Worship.
Now, would you like that with arms Up or Down?

You get the idea, maybe you could continue the script.

Gone are the times when you went to the Local Parish Church - or Methodist, Baptist etc. Now we want Worship that suits our style of living, fitting in with labels given to us.

A few nights ago on Remah FM 96.3 I caught an interview with Brother Andrew. He was mentioning how despite leaving Bible College without a diploma (or whatever it was you got then), and with people telling him God had not chosen him to be a missionarry, he quietly got on with what God was calling him to.
Do we stop to listen to God, to listen to what God asks of us?
Or, are we busy busy busy defining ourselves, honing ourselves to be God's disciples, building our churches the way we want them to be.

Enough ranting and rambling from me. Goodnight my friends.