A day out...

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Date: 04 September 2004 22:20:00

As I was asked to drive over to St Ives to fetch someone for a
service, I decided to go early to explore.
1st treasure I found, Holt Island Sanctuary, a series of walkways
built above the undergrowth... In the midst a Willow Hide from
which I watched several colourful visitors. My knowledge in that
area small, so I have no idea what I was seeing. Must invest in
binoculars & a book.
2nd moving west a few miles I discovered the small villaqe of
Houghton, a mill & quiet lock where I sat watching boats pass
Hehe - if you sit in the restricted area Wiblogging on your
PalmTop, people ask what the charge is for the lock. I could have made
some money there!
Right, time for tea, then back to St Ives.

Tea was good, mushrooms and apple pie washed down with a pint -
of milk.

Enroute to the service we passed a blazing car. I stopped to
phone the police, thought better of it as I could see at least 3
other people with phones glued to their ears. Five minutes down the
road a fire engine passed us sirens and lights.