Term started, so did Cub Scouts.

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Date: 07 September 2004 16:28:16

I really didn't feel I would have the energy to go last night, but as usual in their wild unruley way I came away with more energy and positive thought than I went with. That is so wierd, with most people it works the other way.

They are errecting a flagpole on the forcourt at the church where I work - just behind where the bus is parked at night. How long before I knock it down. (My goodness, I hope nobody from there reads this and thinks I intend knocking it down! lol)

The Day Center Old Folk go off to Clacton tomorrow, so I have an early start, 7:30 is my first pick up. They don't get back till late, so I should finnish approx 9:30. But it does mean I will get most of the day to myself. Maybe I can catch up on some housework.

Take care folks, TSG