It was The Pits...

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Date: 12 September 2004 22:04:52

No Church tonight, shattered from this afternoons walk at Paxton Pits where we hoped to see a Kingfisher.
I was surprised when my wife said she had never seen a Kingfisher in real life, but then, come to think of it, neither have I! No sightings today, maybe another time.

Ah, the luxury of a 3 day working week for the last time, from 23rd I start my 2nd part time job. I am hoping for rest on Thursday and Friday. Don't hold out much hope, will, no doubt be filled with 'have to do' business.

I should really be in bed now, get some badly needed beauty sleep, but seeing as Daughter 2 has only just relinquished control of the keyboard.... The price, her music now resonates throughout the living room. Maybe I could invest in earplugs.