Composting and Australian TV

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Date: 08 September 2007 11:02:24

Summer dissappeared - and then reappeared, i think it must have just been hiding behind a cloud. It does mean however that I have to continue cutting back the grass and gardenning. With that in mind I recently bought a Home Compost Bin. I am NOT green fingered, Gardenning to me means keeping the grass down, occassionally attacking the borders - and leaving the odd patch here and there to grow rampantly (and if I might say quite picturesquly).
As I said however, I am not a Gardener, and I now realise Composting does not mean just chucking all the waste into the tub! There's mixing Greens & Browns, I'm not quite sure what the Browns are! There's adding the right food waste, making sure enough air is in the mixture - and occassionally mixing around. Oooh, & I need to get a metal grid on which to site the tub. We will see if composting works in my garden.

Wow, just seen a cool rainbow, hehe, not out the window - but on acctv which I have playing in the bottom lefthand corner of my screen. I was hoping there would be a feature film on, but first of all it's Joel & Victoria Osteen, and the feature plays at 11:30 here, 20:30 DownUnder. Suppose that gives me time to go do some chores.

ps, the feature film wasn't - it was a documentary

pps, welcome to my reader from Moldova.