Of WibLogs, bikes and a wedding.

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Date: 18 September 2004 23:59:38

Welcome to the two people arriving at my WibLog by Google.
One searched for 'Blogger my nebulizer'. I suppose you are Asthmatic, I wish you well with your health.
The second - from Germany I think, searched for Shifty Wallpaper.

I am exceedingly cross with whoever decided to steal my daughters bike yesterday. Locked with a D-Lock to a proper bike rack - and in site of the Police Station. That is now 3 bikes in two years.

But far more pleasantly, I am just back from a wedding which was decidedly different - the groom dressed in Lime Green and the Bride in Orange. You would have thought that a bit much, but this couple really carried it off. Thanks so much to T&W for allowing me to share your wedding day.
Was good too to catch up with several, and meet two new (not met by me previously) Shipmates. I hope you all sleep well tonight in your respective snoozing holes.

Talking of bed, as usual, I should really be heading there.
Take care one and all.