In an effort not to be late,

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Date: 23 September 2004 21:50:10

I was in fact early. I did go by bus, but as the rush hour was on, maybe walking would be as quick!
Will I ever learn where the stock lives in the shop - I discovered I could stand infront of a shelf searching and searching. My colleague woud then point right under my nose, and there, as if by magic, the books I had been seeking magically materialised. Still, as there was a visiting manager in the shop today who had the same problem, I felt not quite so bad.
I have mastered the till to some extent, but now have much sympathy with Granville who used to leap back suddenly every time his till opened. I really DOES make me jump.
You would have thought, surrounded by books all day, there would have been time to read even one page. Not a single sentence passed before my eyes as I busily checked orders coming in, removed much money from the customers and lamely attempted to answer the most bizarre questions customers could throw at me.
Still, through the day several friends passed through the shop including one young lady I had not seen for 35 years when we sang together at Midsummer Fair Sunday Service. 'Tis amazing to catch up with old mates.

By the time we ejected tha last customer, who slithered in 30 seconds before closing time, and left 10 minutes after, my feet ached as if I had been marching all day. No bus arrived, so finally I gave up and decided to walk home, being passed by three buses in a row as I walked over the bridge. Surprisingly, the walking actually freed up the foot tension, tension, tomorrow I will take my hiking boots.