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Date: 24 September 2004 19:31:22

Though there were times today when I nearly didn't.
Disgusted with the busses yesterday I set off well in time to walk. I had to go sit in the park enjoying sunshine and birdsong - not wanting my exceedingly early arrival make me seem over keen.
Search as I could, it took me a full 5 minutes to realize I had already openned my locker, the lost keys innocently hanging in the lock.
Only Day 2, and I got to fill out yesterdays cash sheet and then toddle off to bank the dosh. More importantly as I returned I bought milk for the thirsty workers coffee.
Then onto checking off and unpacking Christmas stock, just WHERE will it fit into the shop? More excitingly I saw the fruition of yesterdays Stock Reorder coming through. Book titles seemed familiar, and I had a slight clue as to which shelf they would be stashed.

If you go into a bookshop, and think how quiet and slow things look, don't you believe it. There is a hive of industry both out front and behind scenes.

They has decread my handwritting is rather 'Bootifull', so I get to address the packages between branches and out to customers. Is that good or bad.

Finally the postrun, another pleasant walk in the outside world to one of the smallest postoffices I have ever seen. Weighing packages, pasting stamps and balancing everything on the teeny teeny counter.

NOW my feet ACHE, I am tired - but satisfied with what I have learnt so far. How much can I forget before next Thursday?

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I am so proud...