HTML is soooooooo interesting!

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Date: 26 September 2004 23:28:47

Very late tonight, today I decided to investigate HTML Frames - and have started redesigning my website. They are FAR TOO INTERESTING - and of course far more desirable than possibility of sleep.

Other stuff done today
* Church today was quite interactive, icluding taking a walk halfway through the sermon to demonstrate Paul's Journey's.
* bit of housework (thought I would try out yesterdays WISDOM).
* dashed over to friends to pick up a beanie Fish & a Mouse, both also off to the French Classroom this week.
* Got a new bulb for the wifes OHP at school, apparently it blew on Friday, and no spares to use before OFSTED arrive earlt Mon Morning.

Words of Wisdom:
Try not to handle a bulb by the glass,
the grease off your fingers will react with the gas inside the bulb
and thus shorten the bulbs life
- so I am told, anyway!