Only Tuesday, I thought it must at least be FRIDAY!

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Date: 28 September 2004 23:14:13

I am quite excited, though I may not have as may hits as some BLOGgers, this has been my highest month so far since records began. So, a BIG THANKS for looking in.

O'Kief has returned from Ofsted surprissingly quickly - I thought he would be there the full week, but...

Enroute to Homegroup I found myself with some minutes to fill, (forgotten we had moved start time on 15 mins). Called in at McD... for a coffee. In the last 10 days price seems to has shot up, and quality dropped like a stone. If this is nationwide, they have just lost a customer.
As it was, I was late for Homegroup, I obviously was asleep when they decided the ORRIGINAL time was best. For the 1st time EVER I was late for Homegroup. (those who know me will know how upset I was!!!)

I was going to mention lightly dabbing the brake pedal with left foot whilst being tailgated, keeping right foot on exelerator. But as this is dangerous, I won't.