I am VERY bleary eyed.

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Date: 04 October 2004 07:09:02

A good drive dow to the Bristol area, but my mobile, which had been slowly giving in to age, died.
Managed to find a phone shop to buy a replacement, which fortunalely sells phones with FULLY CHARGED batteries. Switched SIM cards, and I was in business again.

After lunch met up with Jonah the Whale for a walk in the countryside. No maps, good guesswork, and hoping on walls to see if we could see the church spire! Next to arrive at the pub was iGeek (whose answerphone said he was 'out of the country!').

Smudgie did not seem at all surprised to see people arriving from 3 countries to help her celebrate, it was if she already knew all about it. I am in debt to those who forced me onto the floor to take a full part in the dancing - I really enjoyed it, though was TOTALLY shattered. Was good to see a certain couple break their honeymoon to come and join us.

As today is the day, I can offially say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Smudgie. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.