Work... Keys...

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Date: 08 October 2004 23:40:59

I may only have been working there 3 weeks, (that's 6 days in reality). Already I feel really comfortable, staff as nutty as I - it's great. Most boring job today, making up Theological Student Discount info packs - repetative! A welcome distraction was dealing with the ever increasing masses (customers) who arrived in the shop just as the till had broken down. Whilst my colleage (RugbyMad) had the till in bits (literally) I was still able to extract money from credit/debit cards and store up little piles of cash. As I served the last customer in the queue RugbyMad pronounced the till fixed.
TheBoss and I converted our packed lunch sandwiches into Chip Butties. Shouldn't make this a habbit, but ahhh, HEAVENLY

Daughter home from Uni for the w/e, which is really great. She, of course fits right in immeadiately, dashing here there and everywhere with friends. I think we might actually see her for Sunday Lunch before making her way back again. (I did manage to drag her down the pub tonight, just before closing time. Nice pub too.)

I found the coolest channel to listen to - currently playing Lesters, Walking in Victory. Pity only an Internet Station, I would tune in in the car if I could - but.....

Wisdom: (both about keys today)
* Leaving your locker open at night causes more work next morning
when you unlock it to discover you have instead locked it.
You need to re unlock it before you can lock anything in it.

* If you have an Office Key, best not leave it in the Office - you may need it.