Earlier tonight

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Date: 10 October 2004 21:55:47

My appologies to Smudgie for missing the Joint Tantrum, I think at the time I was feeling far too calm to be annoyed!

Today has been tiring, probably a throw back to being up late last night. Went to Church with my wife, enjoyed singing some of the traditional hymns. There are an amazing number of new people going there since I left. We stayed for Harvest lunch and then retired home when I sneaked a quick snooze. Back to my church tonight, lots of freshers arriving at the start of term. Found the singing difficult as too many of teh songs were new to me. Some nights I know them all, others none! Good to natter afterwards over Hot Chocolate (4/-), but decided not to retire to the pub.

Amazingly got home and NOONE ON THE PUTER, so have dived in.

Things are not always as they seem