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Date: 13 October 2004 07:44:15

Couldn't get on last night, F was still doing homework at 1am when I gave up and went to bed. My wife and K were out late last night and again tonight as they are involved in recording a Christmas Songs of Praise at Ely Cathedral. I will look forward to watching them.

It seems I was a month late for the meeting I missed, the guy I phoned was really really really appologetic, even though it must have been my fault getting the date in the wrong place in my Palm Top. Maybe next time I will get him to 'Beam' me the event!

When will wedding season be over? I have been to at least 6 weddings this year, and still have another 2 to go! Fortunately these ones are both local, so no travelling this time. Don't get me wrong, each wedding has been an amazing experience.

Right, must go drive a bus, take care you lot.

You must not give into temptation, even when the pudding looks really delicious!

There are 10 categories of people,
- Those who understand binary,
- those who don't.