It rained this morning!

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Date: 14 October 2004 21:48:57

Hence there were only two of us for breakfast at Church.
And two at the shop too, am delighted to say WE CLEARED THE TILL AREA.

Several potential customers, if they hadn't been looking for books on Law, Anatomy, Langauges or Music Scores. But the Chinese lass who came in looking for Medical Books was delighted to have arrived at a Christian bookshop - and stayed at least half an hour.

Added a pint of water and squelched down a bag of packing chips into a gooey mush. This will seriously reduce the volume of waste put out for the bin man each week - and therefore save money. Maybe enough for the shop to reward me with a cream cake.

I swear one customer dissappeared behind the display desk this afternoon. There one minute, gone the next. I checked all over, not a single sign. Maybe we have a portal to another world!
What will be really freaky will be when he reappears tomorrow as if nothing has happenned!

Always carry spares incase your shoelaces break.