John Bell

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Date: 16 October 2004 15:32:27

I have just spent the day with John Bell.

Well, that is a bit misleading and makes him sound like a personal friend. He was in fact talking in a local church, doing a very good job of stripping away preconceved ideas of faith.

Later we wandered down to 'visit' F working at the shop. Very crowded, and even wearing wooly hat and coat still found myself helping customers. Note to self, remember which days you don't work there!

Can't decide this evening between Iona style worship with John Bell, or Matt Redman a mile further down the road. Can't believe they are both here the same w/e.

Doing battle with Web Search and Easybar at the moment, they have both installed toolbars here. They have even BLOCKED any good spyware sites. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Fear of dentists must be wieghed carefully against pain.