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Date: 18 October 2004 19:41:42

I am back.
People who write spyware have so much to answer for. I have been besieged with some real nasty stuff. However, found some cool Nuker stuff which seems to have done the trick.

With the Radiators being changed on Thursday I have been working MADLY to get space for teh workmen to actually work! So far I have 30 boxes of 'STUFF' packed away in the garage, and many more boxes to be packed. Next will follow furniture moving around and total exhaustion. K has invited herself to a sleepover with a friend, she knows this way she will escape my stress.
I don't really think I will be ready by Monday - we will see.

I am leaving the 'puter till almost last to be packed away, I wonder why I think it so important to stay online. Wonder if I could trail a wire out into the garden shed and relocate there!

Ian, nope not an Austrailian John Bell, this John Bell is part of a christian Community on a wee Scottisch Island called Iona.

Sadly Chas, his songs often gets passed over.

No the puter is back online I am being pestered to let teh kids online. So folks, Goodnight.