The Radiators are IN!

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Date: 21 October 2004 18:17:43

With only 2 hours sleep last night making certain access to all radiators assured, the workmen arrived at 7:35am.
7:35AM, apparrently of all the houses on our estate they have worked on, approx 150, ours was the only house they could get straight on with work, elsewhere they had to be furniture removers!
Many cubs of tea later, I lost count after 5 rounds, and without a break for lunch, they finally announced success by 3:40pm.

So, what's changed.
* All hot water heated on demand - no storage tank, hot OR cold.
* All radiators are boxed in, no hot metal to burn yourself on.
* No hot enough surfaces to quick dry washing on.
* The radiators are the same height as my Computer desk. So I have turned the second radiator in our living room OFF, backed up the desk against it, and VOILA, more desk space. Thankyou to the council for this delightfull addition to my WEB Space.

By my command, NO unpacking, other than this computer, will take place today. Sadly that means waiting till tomorrow morning for my bath, as it is full of 'STUFF'. Instead, gently put my feet up, close my eyes, and sleep go on-line.

PS, please to say both smoke detectors went off when the plumbers were flaming the pipe joints. Won't need to test them this week!

Wisdom: Too tired.