Early afternoon report

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Date: 22 October 2004 13:35:16

The builder plugged the holes - except behind the freezer, I was not going to get that out again. Bricked up the wall where the old vent was from the airing cupboard - decoration will be difficult as this is behind new pipework (4 pipes). He then went on to build me a shelf! Cool, I thought I had lost all my shelving yesterday, so that's another a+ to the council.

The electrician's been drilling, muttering and wandering around for just over 2 hours. More dust! Still, all wiring is being ducted, I have a 2nd heater in the bathroom (not quite sure why) and he is just fixing up the thermostat control somewhere in teh living room. Got to be careful what I say as he keeps wandering through.

Todays refreshments tally at 3 Teas & 2 Coffees, much less than yesterday.

Daughters boyfriend has not been, so I will hotfoot it to the sorting office when the electrician goes to post the book he should be taking. No doubt it will arrive while he is visiting my daughter at Uni.

Proverbs should be read SLOWLY.