So, the work is over! or is it?

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Date: 23 October 2004 08:19:43

The workmen are gone, we have posh new heating courtesy of the council. An absolute ton of cleaning needs to be done, hoovering, mopping, dusting.

Enjoying all the space without 'junk' around. Very tempting to leave everything in the garage! No doubt though, I will need paper for the printer - my palm Top will need charging etc etc. As these are in one of the 1st boxes to go, they are at the back and bottom.

Still, will be an interesting task seeing how much stuff we manage to pass on to either friends, charity shops or the rubbish dump. I know that the books will be staying, a few thousand of those.

Weekend! Mustn't forget to go support my friends at their wedding today, they are both teachers, so have timed it for ½ term.

Take care folks - and have a REALLY GREAT DAY.