Good Day, No - a GREAT Day.

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Date: 23 October 2004 23:11:59

Amazing day here, midday wedding at St B's, into town for Tea with a friend who lovingly calls teh cafe The Grave Yard.
Wandering through town found out a ShipMeet happening tonight. Was good fun there, 5 shipmates and a partner. I embarrassed all by shouting out the names of those who hadn't arrived, just in case they were lurking in the pub. They must know by now, can't take me anywhere.

Health, AMAZING! Praise God indeed. OK I know I have limitations, but God stretches them evry day. I was late for the bus home tonight, so ran the Scout Pace - 100 paces walking, 100 running - and managed to catch the connecting bus from in town. And not so much as a wheeze.

Talking about health, suppose I had better catch some refreshing sleep.

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