I Spy

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Date: 27 October 2004 07:26:28

Dug deep into storage boxes, rediscovered WEB Cam. Last time I installed this it wouldn't. Tried again, now the puter is clean, straight in. Have to remember to turn it wallwards when not in use - apparently hackers can gaze into your living room whenever connected, even if you think it's off!

I felt at home first time at my HomeGroup, mingled combination of worship, prayer study and social. Over time dynamics have changed, sadly we have not sung for quite a while. But last night, wow, awesome, fantastic, great. Thanks folks, was inspiring to have all elements.

Going to be noisy here, remember I suffered heating installation, it is the turn of my neighbours today. Hope it goes as swiftly and smoothly as ours did.

Must think about work now - have a great day folks.