2 Things that I have thought about

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Date: 28 October 2004 21:31:03

The first is very exciting, I got my 1st paycheque for my new part time job. Celebrated by spending £2:74 on my Debit Card - cool. Yeah!

Second, rather strange really. I may have mentioned in the dim and distant past, about 2 years ago the drivers lock on my car broke. I could still lock the car from there, but had to unlock central locking via passenger door. Well the brokeness must have broken.
That's right, the brokeness has BROKEN.
Absent mindedly tried unlocking Drivers Door - and IT WORKED!
It's a bit stiff, and might go either way, but Yeah!

Interesting analogy with frogs and there vision, apperntly - like a blackboard wiped clean and written on, they can only see what is important. My friend says they see just like our peripheral vision.
Wouldn't it be great if we could see God's Gospel clearly without all the 'add ons' with which we embelish our faith and God's message.

Current listening: Premier Christian Radio - Here I am to worship.

Current Wisdom:
When I 1st was a Christian, I believed a camel would fit through the eye of a needle.
Later I understood about the small gate through which cammels could only pass unladen.
New knowledge matured my faith, though not invalidating previous faith!

PS - I was gong to add something here, but fell asleep over the keyboard, can no longer remember what!

PPS, remembered - I think the Martin Luther link on the front page is HILARIOUS.