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Date: 30 October 2004 21:31:29

Thanks Ian for your interest in my £2.74, not the upper value we are allowed to spend, just the cost of my frugal lunch.

Straight from work last night 130 miles UpNorth to visit UniDaughter. Dropped off her sibblings before going on to our YouthHostel.
Today, am - the ladies shopped, I escape*. They did catch up with me just in time to have me buy dinner.
Today, pm - the ladies shop, I snooze, ready for the journey back.
Today, Evg- the ladies sleep, I drive.
Still, it was good to get up there to see UniDaughter - and she is coming down next w/e.

*My escape involved going to visit UpNorth branch of the shop where I work.
'Dedication' - or 'Sad'.
Still, I can take back some of their display ideas

UK Readers - do not forget to put your clocks back 1 hour to GMT.