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Date: 08 November 2004 20:17:13

Was impossible to get at the 'puter yesterday, seems there were at least two essays and one project due in today!
Why can't the kids do their work when they get it?
No doubt there are other 'JustInTime' workers out there!

Having carefully explained to the workman I would not be availabe till 12 noon - apparently they came looking for me at 9am!

Success at Cubs, gave them earthenware plantpots, paint, masking tape, leaves (off trees), glue - and assorted other items. Result - a quiet hum of activity, followed by MESS EVERYWHERE. Just how did paint get on to the wall at the OTHER end of the hall. Why did I have to walk into paint and then tread it around everywhere.
7:30 - and they evaporated back into the care of their parents.