Yuk - 1st Cold of the Season.

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Date: 14 November 2004 19:24:19

I have a friend who emigrates to Austrailia for 6 months a year - consequently no winters for her. I wonder if she ever suffers from COLDS?
I am desperately trying to shake my cold - 'tis absolutely YUCK. No church today, video, TV & sleep -oh and a wee bit of puter time too.

Did an extra day at work this week, in the bookshop. REALLY enjoying that job. Got to meet my new Manager, seems a cool guy. Hit the shop running, cleared out the basement, squeezed in more shelves, and somehow - just somehow, we managed to get all that stock out onto the shelves.

Off to wallow in self pity again - if any of you are suffering from colds too, take care, and GET WELL SOON.