Much better

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Date: 15 November 2004 16:23:15

I am MUCH better today, thank you Smudgie, Jack, Ian & Miffy for your combined sympathy and comments. I can well imagine all the Australian Bugs Ian, plus all the adventures in the bush. Smudgie & Miffy, empathy for your ears. And yes Jack, those who are 'weller' than pthers do usually suffer more on the rare occassion they get ill! Sorry about that.

I snuffled my way to work, but a morning of driving and walking in the fresh air did me a tonne of good.
In my email box tonight, our church rota for December. My tallented friend appears to have a new string to his fiddle. They have placed him as Worship Leader on Dec 26th. I look forward to his chosen instrument, I imagine Digeridoo or some ilk.