I phoned the Heating Installation company

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Date: 21 December 2004 07:40:04

at 4:45 last night. A pipe from the old loft water tank had been sawn off, but not plugged. In the cold weather the tank frosted inside, and then drained down the pipe. They dripped directly onto the Electronic Timer - and now the heating won't work.
As I said, I phoned the heating company, but threy refussed to come out till the drip had been sorted - The old water system was NOT part of their heating system!
By the time I contacted the council it was out of hours, so an EMERGENCY plumber was dispatched. He was not ammused at being called out to cap a pipe which should have already been capped!
That sorted, back to the heating company - surprise surprise - they were closed. Phoned their out of hours emergency number - no reply. The council phoned their out of hours emergency number - no reply.

WiBlogging in the cold this morning, we had better get it back before Christmas.