How on earth?

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Date: 22 December 2004 19:49:41

Welcome and a Happy Christmas to my reader arriving via Google, Camel Hoof?

Once again we are warm - took but 5 minutes to resolve once the heating company dained to resond to our call. A big fat ZERO to them for failing to take responsibility for faulty work. (Mind you who would have guesed the one void pipe they did not cap would be directly above the electronic timer switch!)

Many will know I have two jobs. What do I do with my last days holiday from busdriving - that's right folks, I go into work for the other job! Was quite fun despite the crowds - and after work drinks. CONGRATULATIONS to my colleague who bought me a really GREAT pen for Christmas. 5 nibs, including a stylus for my Palm Top. I have lost my stylus, so that will be extra usefull.

Customers I do NOT hurry for - those who park on double yellow lines outside the shop expecting us to give them priority attention. Duh! - And one even suggested we pay her parking fine!

Ready for Christmas? Nope, I rarely am, doubt I ever will be. Commercial Christmas sucks.