Todays favourite customer comment:-

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Date: 23 December 2004 20:37:20

Very Flustered Customer dashes in " Please cash me a cheque, I forgot my money and there are no banks nearby"
Me "There is a bank 30 yards up the road out to the right, and 3 cash machines within two minutes walk to the left."

I thought maybe deliveries from the warehouse would have failed to get through - there was a major RTA near Carlisle yesterday. I thought wrong - 19 boxes arrived (in place of the normal 3 - 5!) Very busy day unpacking.

Supper at Tesco tonight, preceeding Christmas Day Food shop. Previous years has seen the supermarket heaving as if people were stocking up for a siege. Clear ailse, no queue at teh checkout. Have people finally understood, they only need food for one day before the shops open again?