God's Grace

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Date: 11 January 2005 11:20:44

Sadly I am giving up my driving job. I handed my notice in and we eventually decided I would leave in 6 weeks, but as I have 2 weeks holiday to take that will be 4!.

Almost 3 years ago I starting, for 12 hours each week, driving the bus for an old folks Day Centre. I was just finding my feet again after illness.
I never thought my health would improve THAT much, in fact the doctor had suggested otherwise.

However, through Gods grace, I have gained strength and fitness. From being almost armchair ridden at one point I have climbed one or two minor mountains - (well molehills to others). Last year I aimed to start the Penine way, but came up against my limitation not far from the top of the first major climb. I remember sitting down and laughing. I don't ALWAYS fall asleep as soon as I arrive home.
I have successfully cut out steroids from my medication regime - and am curently hassling the Drs to cut down various other meds.
My nebulizer which suffered severely from overuse has only run 3 times in the last 12 months.

OK, I won't be running any races, but WOW, I don't half appreciate the health I now have.

The 12 hours a week was 6 x 2 hour shifts over three days. Last year I took on additional work at a bookstore 2 days a week (15½ hours). Working 5 days has been a strain, but working full days has been ok. So now I am giving up the driving (sniff sniff) and moving into the book store 4 days a week - the extra two days are just for 6 months. By that time I will have a better idea how I am coping.