A School Treat

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Date: 29 January 2005 15:55:33

We hear so much bad press about youngsters in school nowadays. This story should help redress the balance.

S was having a bad teaching day, various things had gone wrong - and finally she accidentally left her bag in the computer suite which locks automatically on exit. Having spent much of break tracking down a key she arrived in her last lesson somewhat frazzled.

"You alright Miss?" piped up a Yr 11 lad. Thinking she wasn't, he said, "Hold on Miss, I'll go fetch you a cup of Tea," and off he went.
S was not sure this may be a skiving technicque, but 5 minutes later Yr11Lad arrived back with a Cup of Tea and a buscuit.

The kind act alone was enough to brighten anyones day - the cup of tea, icing on the cake.