I was reminded of a parable

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Date: 18 October 2007 07:02:30

The one where the master gives his money to three servants to look after while he went away for a while.
To the first servant who invested the money wisely and made it grow lots, the master on his return gave this servant much.
To the second servant, who invested the money too and made it grow a bit, the master gave to him too.
But the third servant buried the money frightened of what might happen - the master took back the orriginal investment and gave the servant NOTHING.

Remembering that, I am pleased to announce my Compost Bin is now sited and stuffed to the gills with lawn mowings and mouldering leaves.

ps, was prayin last night and I got thinking about the compost bin. Not sure the group I was with thought all my marbles were intact when I started comparing the decision we were trying to make with Composting.