It came at me - Right out the BLUE.

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Date: 10 February 2005 18:48:47

Today I was described as an OLD MAN. It took me quite some time to recover from that comment.

Other stuff, got to work today to discover I was all on my lonesome - my boss phoned in really quite ill. Managed to get a colleague in by 10:30 - which was just as well, 'cos a rep arrived wanting us to buy something. Apparently she was in the diary - I haven't been introduced to The Diary yet!

All in all, productive day at work - wonder what tomorrow will bring.
Man: Do you have the book the ArchBishop reccomends for Lent reading.
Me: Not sure what he reccomends, but we keep all our Arch Bishops over here....
Hmm, do you get confusled sometimes too?