Good Evening out

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Date: 12 February 2005 00:05:37

As predicted, time flew by and I have only just got back (12:50am).

Rather than be late to the Engagement Bash, I caught the earlier bus getting me there 1½ hours early. (No surprise to those who know me.) 'There' was a village well off the beaten track, the postoffice and store firmly shut & just the occassional car going by. No stars as cloudy - so fairly dark.
What better time to take a countryside walk, avoiding the ditches, brambles and puddles. Half an hour squelching through mud brought me out on another road, my christmas stocking Compass got my bearings right taking me straight to a Pub.

Engagement party was great, but for the second night in a row.... "Are you the Groom's Dad?"
Has growing my hair & beard longer aged me drastically?
Do I care?
Do I bow down to maintain eternal youth?
Hmmm, other than being caught out by surprise I suppose I don't care. Worrying won't make me younger - nor older. I think I will stay permanently in between.

PS, note on board at home asking me to cover sickness tomorrow - another day off gone :( S'posse I should head bedwards, or will meet myself coming downstairs.