Not enough time, too much to do!

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Date: 13 February 2005 06:59:02

In answer to Nanny's question, no need to be confused. Two of my 'OffLine' friends are engaged. Done my level best to convert them to OnLineCommunities, but there's just no hope for them.

Wow, I am shattered. Is full time work reaally like this?
Truth be known it is trying to do full time work andkeep up with the rest of life. I will book a DayOff in my diary this week - and do NOTHING.

Before that I have a Bookstall to run at Church. Due to lack of car situation I now transport boxes of books around on a SackBarrow. They did let me on the bus last night, which was rather nice. I have a new team of volunteers to help me on the bookstall, one is ill today. Their first day, so I will still have to cover all three services myself. Think they would notice if I took along my dome tent and teddybear.

Right folks, have a fantastic day, take care & God Bless.