5 Days Off Work - Day 2

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Date: 20 February 2005 00:05:09

Daughters 18th today, she celebrated going out for dinner with friends.
Youngest daughter has a friend staying over - very complicated sequence of church hopping tomorrow - I think I will stay clear of that one.
Went to B**ts to pick up my news pecs - (first time spec wearer here, and they were promised to be ready on Thursday, but weren't). Arrived and was asked to sit in the waiting area. Other folk came, and went, and came, and went....
After ½ hour I decided to have a rant (and I am usually so mild mannered). Ranting obviously did the trick - apart from the totally phony appology and lack of remorse - I was on my way within just 5 minutes.

According to my eldest daughter it is snowing up North, she should know as that is where she lives. Probably take another 8 hours to reach us. Will tomorrow bring us white blanketing, road chaos and snowball fights. Anticipation....