Day of Rest (5 Days off Work - Day 5)

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Date: 22 February 2005 09:54:16

We all know Sunday is a Day of Rest.
Many of us, in our organised lives (!) have efficiently organised our Sundays to include worship, family time, other Church Stuff etc etc etc. In fact, by the end of our Day of Rest we are totally exhausted and ready for nothing but bed.
Well, today, Day 5 of what should have been 5 days off work, is truely my first Day of Rest I have have had in a while.
Unusually for me I stayed in bed till 9am, am now planning a lazy breakfast and long soak in the Bath Tub. Have done Yesterdays Quiet Time today - and will fot todays in later.
Now, isn't this truely more a Day of Rest than our over organised active ones.

For those who have been keeping tally, my 5 days off work have panned out like this.
Day 1 Called in to open shop - managed to get in another two visits to shop b4 day ended.
Day 2 Popped in to shop to sing Happy 18th Birthday to SaturdayGirl whilst customers were in the shop.
Day 3 Sunday, shop closed, I didn't go near the place.
Day 4 Decided to swap a Days Holiday for a Day off on Friday, so worked in the shop to make up thehours.
Day 5 Slept in - have no plans to go anywhere near the place.

There is a dusting of snow outside, so i may pop out to throw a snow ball at passers by - must go now, just heard the Bin Truck coming and the bin is still in the garden......