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Date: 16 March 2005 05:58:20

<img align="left" src=""About time you had view of me - however to disguise my identity I have "played" with the picture. The picture is a portrait by a friend who resurfaced after 20 years which he spent in Australia.

Today I go to view another car, this time in one of the outlying villages. Wonder if it will meet my needs - able to transport daughters and all accumulated 'stuff' to and from Uni. Cheap to Run. Reliable.

Talking of Australia, N, another great friend of mine emigrated there. Last week another K, who has just returned from 6 months in Australia has announced she is going to emigrate there. Everyone around me is rushing to the other side of the earth!!! Is it something I said?

Seriously though, wonder if I could up sticks and pop over there too. Be asomewhat different to the remote Scottish Island I wanted to emigrate to previously.

Just one more inch to fill with writing and this column will be complete, but I fear I will have to give up before I quite get there. Those of you who know me will know I am ALWAYS lost for words. Ha ha