my two last emails

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Date: 04 June 2005 22:42:51

Fri 3Jun 5:30pm
Hi folks,

Prayers would be appreciated healthwise, dr wanted to admit me to hospital today cos my cough is exhasabating the asthma and i was somewhat gasping for the oxygen nectar whilst in with her.
I have a repreave till the evening nurse calls round tonight to check my obs at home :)

if i am reading, on a rota for something or anything like that, and don't turn up, please excuse my absence in advance.

Take care y'all,
God Bless,

PS, if I've missed you out from the address box, do forgive me, I am off to sit on my neb, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tonight's email - Sat 4Jun

An update for you folk.

I made it through the nurses visit last night, my obs were somewhat improved, just as well as I am now being medicated up to the eyeballs, feel like a zombie - and have done NOTHING for over 24 hours.

Thanks for your prayers folks - and thanks indeed to Nigel for his phonecall from Australia, wow, that was really great.

I think I would like now to turn prayer request to getting strong enough to drive the 3 Peaks 2 weeks away. (if I do get that far you can sponsor me - see the link on my homepage).

Sorry if the email seems fuzzy - as I said I feel zombie like at the moment!

Take care and God Bless