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Date: 06 June 2005 00:36:06

God answers Prayer - shouldn't be surprised at that as it's 28½ years I handed my life to him. Can't quite remember the analogy my pastor used, was about train engines, coal and carriages!!! So if your the pastor that was at Burwell House New Year House Party in Jan 77 get in touch and remind me. If your pastor has the initials PR ask him - he may remember.

Back to tonight - Wheezles well subdued, that would be lorry loads of steroids ingested; Chesty Gunk slowing in response to the antibiotics; I did not have to be admitted, Thanks God and already I have been for a walk round the block. I know from past track record I have to behave and carry on the meds, but with God's strength I will hopefully be able to reduce soon.

Thanks for your comments and prayers folks. I mentioned in an email recently, in those 28½ years I have been far too British in asking for prayer support. But I am finally getting there.

Sleep pattern shot to bits, who cares, I have the WWW to keep me company - and 'tis my Day Off tomorrow, so still more time to rest up.

Folks, thanks again, God Bless & Good Night.