Back to work

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Date: 08 June 2005 00:10:54

Caught the bus to work - though I still maintain more effort walking to the bus stop than cycling to work. Keeps folk happy though!
4 of us in today - all staff other than the Saturday girl. Gave me a chance to sort out a few areas been neglected recently. In the afternoon we tried to shift a load of stock out by courier - till we realised time had run away.
Back to the Drs for a follow up appontment - things mostly ok, just recovering to come - which I aim to do in record breaking speed.

'Tis good to be able to heal so fast. Again, thanks for prayers.
Tomorrow - or later today, off to London to join a few folk getting together to worship at St Paul's Cathedral - and see a good friend of mine take a further step along his Ministry Road.

Right, Bed time - but I cannot find on my puter my transport itinerary - eek, will I turn up in the right place at the right time. You may find out tomorrow.

Good Night folk, take care & God Bless.

PS, any ideas on my lost pastor?