Bishops Consecration

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Date: 08 June 2005 17:40:38

Up @ 6am, medication, breakfast and iron me shirt.
Out by 7, bus, train LiverpoolStreet.
Arrive too early, text folk to let em know I am there. They text back saying they will be there in 10 minutes, but in fact don't arrive for another 25!
First of Jo Public in to St Paul's Cathedral, so I get pick of the seats to reserve for my mob, 2 Bishops being concecrated, better make sure we sit on the right side.
Cathedral fills, at last the mob arrive.

Excelent sermon (Mark Greene, Director of London Institute Contemporary Christianity), but did a certain Archbishop sleep? - I don't know, maybe I wasn't close enough.

Presentation of Pastoral Staff, I was pleased to see my Bishop had a real staff with some body to it - not a dainty... (when I was Church Warden, I campaigned for a proper stout staff, my colleague liked his wand - so in the end we went without!)

Consecrecation over, the assembled Bishops took full advantage of time to welcome their new members during the Peace, Communion, and then out.

Well, out took quite some time, we queued, and queued, and queued on the North side to shake the Biological Bishop warmly by the hand, whilst the new Bishop to the south seemed to have down pat speed greeting.

Away for a stroll by the Thames, look at the Lonon Eye and eventually back to Victoria Coach Station, where you can catch coaches for as little as one pound (Yes, I booked on the Internet!)

Coach was COLD, despite warm weather without, I believe the AirConditioning worked just too well. Pleased I had brought a coat.

Back to Sunny Cambridge, alight, board a Citi 3 and home in time for tea.

PS - as an adendum, I thinks I am feeling a LOT Better. Yehaaaaaa!