Ponderings on the Three Peaks

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Date: 22 June 2005 07:31:44

So there we are. I drove the Three Peaks! And how hectic was that?
We arrived in Wales in good time to pitch our tents and wander off to find food at the local pub. The midges were VISCIOUS.
Sat morning, Snowdon was hidden in cloud . Well, I think that was Snowdon, maybe I pointed the camera at the wrong hidden mountain!
Breakfast was a sumptuous feast, midge free as they escaped the smokey BBQ.

Arriving at PennyPass - these are our 5 minibuses, the front one belonging to the Yellow Team for whom I was driver - we encountered just some of the huge crowd of folk also trying to do the Three Peaks in 24 hours.

Whilst they climbed, we slept - apart from one minibus team who broke down on the way into Llanberis. Police and the AA got it going and fortunately they were back in the game.

They got down off the mountain 40 minutes ahead of time, the drive to Scarfell Pike was fairly easy.

No more of my piccies from here as I was more interested in sleeping. Whilst they climbed, we visited the local hostelry and queued 20 minutes for drinks!

I then wandered off to see this small chapel totally surrounded by countryside.

Back to the carpark where we kipped down untill carpark closing down. Instead of driving down to the road to join the other 100 buses, I reversed up the dirt track to the farm entrance and plucked my team the second they got down.

The longest timed drive, no chance to admire the scenery, drive drive drive, swap with co driver and snooze, then drive again. We got a message that the Rangers were not allowing anyone on the mountain till 4am, that gave a bit of breathing time, but not much.

The group split into 2 teams, 2 & 7. We dropped them off at the harder, but slightly shorter ascent by the YHA - the 2 taking off at an incredible pace.

More z's, the 2 succeeded in 24 hours, and a LONG DRIVE HOME.

I have driven to some of the most stunning countryside in Britain, and hardly been able to notice it.
Do it again? Probably.
Climb it? I would need a fortnight, but yes.