Did you say 3 WEEKS

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Date: 23 June 2005 18:48:02

Our shop is to get a refit in 3 weeks, not it will take 3 weeks, but it will start in 3 weeks.
What a headache for teh manager, find a venue to trade from temporarily - co ordinate builders, stock, staff etc. Glad I am not manager.

Did I tell you, we now have a new manager, settling in exceedingly well. Poor thing, she hadn't been there 2 minutes and I was saying what titles I wanted to rid from the shop! On the other hand, she has had me slaving away HARD! Look forward to things to come.

Exam period for the assembled daughters is almost over, I will be relieved, no more Post It Notes, or A4 Notes all over the place...
I wonder if assembled daughters will take any more notice of the housework now they are in RELAXATION mode... I fear not - but am willing to be proved wrong.

POSTSCRIPT - I am speechless, I am shocked, I am..... No sooner had I hit SAVE for this entry, than one daughter sitting watching TV rose to her feet and muttered, "Toilet - and then I will do the washing up..." My faith in daughters may well be restored, it's a miracle, YIPPEEEEEEE YIPPEEEEEE!

FURTHER POSTSCRIPT: 10 minutes later, there is singing coming from the kitchen accompanying the sound of crockery being washed and stacked. I am scared, has said daughter been replaced by an angelic being?