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Date: 28 June 2005 20:23:47

Today has been soooooooooooooooo busy. The NewBoss certainly keeps up the pace, the store will not be recognisable. Jobs included fitting at least 200 new bibles into the same space already occupied by 300. I thought it would be impossible, and got quite moody about it - when I finally slid that last bible in, having stolen some space from another display stand, I stood back and was quite proud of my efforts.

In under a week I will have to strip the shelf for the ShopFit, was it worth it - well this weeks customers will cetainly benefit.

I have read loads of blogs today scouring them for clues. If there are clues out there - to anyone at all, well beyond my understanding. Tomorrow is my day off. Maybe I can go shopping then, for something typically local. Maybe I could pick a rock from someones garden, write on local landmark name - and post it to my WISE rescipient. hehehehe

I may get into trouble with the family (hehehehe). Youngest daughter is getting highlights in her hair, whilst all were upstairs waiting the prescribed 45 minutes, I snuck in the kitchen and pasted the bleach stuff in a mohechan line accross my head. Waited 15 mins and washed it out. I now have a blond stripe front to back. I am sitting in the dark posting at the puter hoping they don't notice - or maybe just putting off them noticing.