A night out... Decorating finnished... Snoozing is recommended... & I need an appointments secre

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Date: 04 December 2007 21:28:49

YoungestGnomlette & her fiance decided to go out tonight. They got as far as 'CarInTheDrive', and maybe deciding to save the planet, they have sat in 'CarInTheDrive' for an hour.

Most commendable I thought, untill I saw Pizza being delivered to the car by yet another engine based mode of transport.

The new bathroom, installed last week, had it's final lick of paint added today. Mrs Gnome is some what miffed, I boringly asked for the same colour as before. Still - it all looks very fresh and NEW. I will enjoy my bath tomorrow morning.

I had to arrive 1st to open up for Cluster tonight, in my usuall way I over catered on time to get there, openned up and then sat high up on a shelf by the window and snoozed till folk arrived. I recommend a snooze before evening activities, get you quite relaxed.

Now, must send some e:Mails to undo the three things I have double booked this week!