He once was lost, but now is found!

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Date: 01 July 2005 18:05:33

Those of you who know me from Ship of Fools where I used to spend an amazing amount of time will remember Parrot O'Kief.
Parrot O'Kief
Following my last ship meet O'Kief went mising, I suspected foul play and that maybe he had been kidnapped - or was being held for ransom.
No Ransom Demand followed, I missed my little friend and would often be found searching behind the couch, under the bed - even in fridge. O'Kief was nowhere to be found.

You cannot imagine my delight, my sheer joy when my family found O'Kief, stuffed into a box - in the garage!!! Poor O'Kief, he had spent the entire winter in the cold dark box in the garage, but his delight at seeing me was inspiring.

Parrot O'Kief & new friend.Since returning from his dark adventure O'Kief has found a new friend, I have not been introduced yet, so do not know his or her name.
I believe though this magnificent bear is planning on attending many concerts with his/her owner.